Well after my previous post couple of my connection asked me about Adobe “What is Adobe marketing suite?” So here is the answer.

“It’s the most complete set of marketing solutions available. And it gives you everything you need to get deep insight into your customers, build personalized campaigns and manage your content and assets”. Adobe marketing suite a combination of following tools/technologies.

Adobe Analytics: Collects and reports metrics on how content is being accessed. Also indicates how users are interacting with the system (clicking buttons, scrolling, clicking links, etc.)

Adobe Search & Promote: Indexes content in the AEM system and allows users to search for content. Additionally, provides a set of client-side API that is used to deliver personalized and relevant content to the user dynamically.

Target: Allows digital marketers to create A/B campaigns and to test the effectiveness of the campaign. Also used in the CCD architecture to test various sets of Search&Promote rules and determine which is most effective.

Audience Manager: Collects anonymous data about users and behavior patterns across channels (the web, email, etc.). Users are dynamically sorted into segments by factors such as gender, age, geography, interests, etc. This allows campaigns to be targeted to user segments.

Recommendations: Collects “data of the masses” and determines patterns. Used to enable “wisdom of the crowd” such as “You might also be interested in…” and “Because you looked at X we recommend Y.”

Adobe Social: A social listening tool. Monitors social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for mentions of specific keywords. Then, it reports on the trending, sentiment, and dissemination across social feeds.

Adobe Campaign: A set of tools that help you personalize and deliver campaigns across all of your online and offline channels.

It simplifies campaign management by managing your data and monitor the performance of your campaigns from one place and Deliver engaging email by using personalized, contextual and real-time email messages to deliver a compelling customer experience.

It uses marketing automation to increase your campaign productivity and reduce your time to market.

I am leaving Adobe experience manager as that doesn’t need any introduction.

Amit Kumar

Results driven Adobe Certified Architect with extensive experience managing and implementing marketing Strategies to drive business growth. Enjoy optimizing the customer experience through the use of data, futuristic thinking + channel mixing – e.g., using creative combinations of traditional methods + shiny new toys like automation platforms.


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