Cultivating relationships with your customers is an essential part of developing a successful business. In this age of computerization and innovation, caring for your clients has never been more important.

Never Forget – Every Customer is Unique

Every Customer has unique requirements

Customer-focused culture: 

What one of the greatest dissatisfaction consumers have about Marketing folks is that they always focus on their Products and Services that they have to offer, but rarely about the customer’s dissatisfaction and pain points. According to latest trends in Digital Marketing, this is getting worse, not better. There are many concerns and questions that you have to answer to build a customer-focused culture in your organization. Such as

How can you assure that you have learned about customer demands before introducing a resolution?

How much adaptability do you have in creating solutions that meet the customer needs?

How can you identify personal (as opposed to business) goals?

Walt Disney stated it entirely, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”  Building love between your company and your customers can help scale positive word of mouth promotion that’s priceless.

Designing a customer-focused culture of this nature is a business opportunity that should not be overlooked by Marketing team. Most companies are losing when it comes to the Customer experience, which is your moment to swoop in and captivate those same customers into falling for your business.

Reasons to Use personalized content for Customers

1) Boosts Conversions

Conversion is the clearest and safest metrics to decide the success. When you customize your communication to the individual customer, your communication has extra depth because, considerably, it indicates something to the customers. A generic Message is opposite; It is a competitor of conversions; nobody wants to receive a bulk load of emails from any company.

2) Easier Conversion 

Every measure you exercise to analyze your conversion funnel and simplify. It will result in a higher conversion rate for your business.  You should be able to validate that by looking at your reports such as higher number of purchases or to download a document or to create a new account. Customer/prospects are more inclined to act if the action is swift and smooth. E-commerce companies should offer single-click shopping. It reduces the resistance dramatically.

3) Limited Email does not mean fewer customers?

Before the age of Marketing Automation instruments, email marketing was a simple form of Gambling. Marketing teams used to send a general email to everybody on the roster and just repeated it until Marketing team reached a needed return level. Today, If you bombard your customer with emails, you will lose their trust in your brand. Although when you customize the email with the help of segmentation, marketing research about, timing, and past actions, Customer interest and stick to a minimum(golden number) number of emails in a year, you will get more customers. Personalization makes communication more focused on relevance.

4) Builds an Active Audience

People love one thing or another. when They love an individual product; they are habitually particular about everything exactly they like about that product. For instance, a coffee lover does not just like coffee. She loves organic, freshly roasted and a well-prepared coffee. Personalized content is the distinction between persuading a coffee enthusiast an article titled “3 Ways to Brew a nice Cup of Coffee,” and a Blog-post headlined “Ultimate way to Brew the Best Cup of Cappuccino using freshly roasted beans.” It articulates instantly to his enthusiasm.

5) Reforms Lead Nurturing Process

Lead nurturing helps marketers build relationships with buyers across channels and throughout the sales cycle. Relevant Content feeds it. When Your team personalizes content to suit each Customer’s past behaviors, previous purchase, They will be able to build a healthy relationship. Healthy Relationship directly translates into more qualified Leads for Marketing as well as the sales team. You have to Master the art of personalization to create a better lead nurturing strategy. You have to personalize your customer experience by Customer relationship data from CRM, Behavior data from Analytics, apply intelligence from a successful conversion of another customer in the same cohort and Customer’s location in the sales flow. To know about lead nurturing strategy, you should read my another article “Lead Nurturing Strategy.” 

6) Personalized Sales Calls

The knowledge you apply to personalized content all arrives from everywhere in your data warehouse, and your team would appreciate getting their fingers on that information so they can customize their sales pitches. Not only would you be producing customized content for your organization; you would be providing them with customer insights. This Knowledge will make their communication efficient with all clients.

7) Personalize Your Website for individual Customer

I have emphasized on the personalized Content, but that is not limited to your communication. You should extend that experience to your site. Nowadays customer has high expectation with the brand, If you have enough information about your users why don’t you use that to deliver a personal experience to Visitors.  Users who return to a site only to notice the same presentation all the time will not be excited. Personalization, however, can present a unique experience to Users each time they land on your site. And not just fresh It will be related to their businesses, personal requirements! Whether you segment by Traits or signals(, you can ensure you are presenting personalized content that will a) Gain Customers, b) align with their interest and c) enable you to advance existing leads farther down the sales flow.

8) Welcomes New Customers with warm hugs

Personalization is not just an advantage for nurturing — it can also help you welcome new Customers to your audience, too. Let’s take a Marketing Onboarding program, for example. You can get a stronger start with new Customers by immediately showing that you have information relevant to their interests or needs. let’s take an example of Netflix. when you create a new account for the first time they will ask you to choose your interest, and in future, they will display videos relevant to those interest, and they improve this with time-based on your history and searches in the Netflix. You can use first touch point to deliver t The personalization a calculated matrix. you can use the way they browse your website to offer an Individual experience.  offer campaign that encouraged them to respond can be used to deliver the Personalization.

9) Earn Your Customers’ Love for Your Brand

Personalization for Customer Experience builds on a simple fact such as “Enable your Customer to get the relevant information at the right time using an appropriate channel.  — This information can be in the form of an email, push Sms, a new offer, or an interesting Article Generic marketing makes people feel stricken; Personalization makes them feel appreciated. When you add value to the customer, they will trust your brand.  It distinguishes your Brand as one that cares enough to listen to customers, and deliver what they want. Caring for your Customer is the only way you can earn your customers’ love for your brand, product or services.

An example of personalization:

Let’s break down how personalization might work for, say, an email campaign:-

Step 1. Subject Line: Personalized with the recipient’s name, company’s name, industry, or topic of interest using dynamic tags.

Step 2. Email Copy: Greets the recipient by the first name, references prior behavior, and uses an effective call-to-action relevant to the reader’s previous actions.

Step 3. Landing Page: Reemphasizes the message delivered in the email and features Smart Fields pre-loaded with the recipient’s information. You have to be extra careful that you should not overload the number of fields. That would be the biggest turnoff for your brand.

Step 4. Follow-up Email: Thanks to the customer for converting and makes recommendations for next actions, including reconversions based on complementary personalized content.

Harbor incremental lifts in each of these areas — that can yield a sizeable lift in a campaign’s overall conversion rate.

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