• DIL passes data to Audience Manager with a GET or POST method based on the length of the query string of the event call. This behavior is built in to GET and POST methods by default. It is not specific to Audience Manager.
  • DIL makes event calls withGET when a URL contains 2048 characters or less. A GET event call includes data in the URL as query string parameters, which are passed in as key-value pairs.
  • DIL makes event calls withPOST when a URL contains more than 2048 A POST event call includes data in the body of the request. DIL puts data into key-value pairs and passes information as form data rather than in the URL query string.
  • Although each method passes data in a different way, this does not affect functionality. For example, with either method, Audience Manager still sends data to destinations, ID syncs works normally, and you can create traits from data signals.

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