When you are working with data management systems, Data security is primary concerns. For Every information flow in Audience Manager components, Adobe relies on advanced industry standard data encryption methods to help safeguard the confidential information when in motion.
The technical safeguards include:
Data security in motion:  Audience Manager supports HTTPS using 128-bit AES encryption when transmitting data over the Internet. It also includes export control functionality to provide finer-grained control over which data can be distributed externally.
Audience Manager never stores Personally Identifying Information (PII) anywhere in the Audience Manager network.

Users can access Adobe Audience Manager in one of three (3) different types of user-named licensing:
Adobe ID is for Adobe-hosted, user-managed accounts that are created, owned, and controlled by individual users.
Enterprise ID is an Adobe-hosted, enterprise-managed option for accounts that are created and controlled by IT administrators from the customer enterprise organization. While the organization owns and manages the user accounts and all associated assets, Adobe hosts the Enterprise ID and
performs authentication. Admins can revoke access to Adobe Audience Manager by taking over the account or by deleting the Enterprise ID to permanently block access to associated data.
Federated ID is an enterprise-managed account where all identity profiles—as well as all associated assets—are provided by the customer’s Single Sign-On (SSO) identity management system and are created, owned, controlled by customers’ IT infrastructure. Adobe integrates with
most any SAML2.0 compliant identity provider.
Application and service entitlement is accomplished through the Adobe Enterprise Dashboard.

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