Seed address is a Qualitative method used in Marketing especially by Direct marketing vendors and Marketing automation tools. Seed address is a way to which companies using direct mail and e-mail marketing programs can make sure quality of services offered by Marketing automation instruments and vendors.

Seed address uses and configuration:

In Marketing automation tools, We have a capability to add seed address or Return paths into targeting list for email/direct mail/SMS delivery. Seed address could be your internal address from your marketing team or other stakeholders who are interested in tracking/measuring the quality of services offered by a tool or a vendor.


Seed address is a crucial tool in Marketing automation, and it provides a simple mechanism by which your business stakeholders such as Marketing Team, Campaign Manager, Account Manager and Analysts can keep track about all your business activities revolving around Email Marketing and Direct Mail Marketing. Other benefits are listed below:

1. Following the Actual Delivery Turn Around time:

As a Marketing team you have inserted your address(Email, physical address, SMS) in your real delivery target, you will be able to receive the communication(Delivery), so You can easily calculate the actual delivery time.

2. Track Quality:

Your direct mail vendor has promised to deliver a high-quality offer booklet to you customers but how can you make sure that they deliver what they promised? The answer is quite simple a secret seed address list. You can insert this list randomly into your real target list.

3. Identify Improvement areas:

As we have established above that, we can track delivery time and quality with seed address so we can also find the areas of development by identifying whether you received your email in spam box or did not receive at all. The vendor did not deliver direct mail on time, and paper quality was not up to the standards, there was some printing error, etc.? These problems affect your campaign performance, so you need to fix that, and all that information is possible with your seed address, and I know, deliverability reports will uncover some of the improvement areas but not everything. Seed address helps you in validating your reports.

4. Protect Your Mailing List:

Companies spend millions in buying leads and in nurturing them. The address list is a valuable asset, so companies want to protect it by ensuring that their vendors don’t steal it. With seed list, you can make sure that no on is miss using your list. If someone sells this to any company and when they will send any communication using this list, you will be a part of it.

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