Yes, Adobe Campaign is a multi-tier application.
Presentation layer:The application can be accessed in different ways, depending on the users’ needs: Rich client, Thin client or API integration.
Logical application layer: Adobe Campaign is a single platform with different applications that combine to create an open and scalable architecture. The Adobe Campaign platform is written on a flexible application layer and is easily configurable to meet a company’s business needs. This accommodates the growing needs of the enterprise from a functional perspective as well as from a technical perspective. The distributed architecture ensures linear system scalability scaling from thousands of messages to millions of messages.
Persistence layer: The database is used as a persistence layer and contains almost all the information managed by Adobe Campaign. This includes both functional data (profiles, subscriptions, content, etc.), technical data (delivery jobs and logs, tracking logs, etc.) and work data (purchases, leads).The platform comes predefined with a marketing centered data mart or can easily sit atop an existing data mart and schema using any of the major Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). Adobe Campaign also provides a full complement of Extract Transform and Load (ETL) tools to perform data import and export of data into and out of the system.

Amit Kumar

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