I am Amit Kumar and
My specialties are Adobe Campaign, Optimization, Analytics, CRM, Strategy and Multi-Channel Marketing Technology.

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Amit Kumar

Head of Marketing Technology

Amit Kumar is working as a Head of Marketing(Adobe) Technology at PhotoBox and a Trustee at Challenge Child Poverty charity. His primary focus is customer retention, data analytics, marketing automation and optimising marketing operations and execution.

His goal is to drive change with tools and processes that deliver exceptional customer experiences, automate and scale measurable personalisation and optimise PhotoBox channel(Paid, Social, Earned and Owned) marketing spends.

In the last ten years, Amit acquired a combination of strong technical, architectural, marketing and product experience, which enables him to build and deliver effective digital products at scale. He has developed and delivered more than 15 enterprise-scale digital products for various companies in multiple geographies.

Amit has had the privilege to be part of a range of different and unique projects where he focuses on the adoption and growth of personalisation at scale through advanced analytics, Marketing Automation and insight based decisioning tools.

Before his current position, Amit held Technical, CRM, Digital marketing, e-commerce and digital product consulting roles with Wunderman WPP company (Copenhagen), Valtech (Sydney), Deloitte Consulting (Bangalore & Sydney), Sapient and Infosys.

As a senior MarTech professional, Amit has worked on all levels such as designing technical architecture, marketing strategy, planning, GTM, customer retention and growth, and hiring & team development. From designing digital product architecture and overseeing campaigns to execution, Hiring, mentoring, hands-on development with AWS/Adobe API development and more.

My focus skills are:

  • Data-driven marketing and personalisation
  • Customer relationship management(CRM)
  • Data and analytics
  • Customer retention
  • Recommendation systems
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Algorithmic Modeling
  • Segmentation Strategy
  • Customer experience
  • Programmatic marketing
  • Channel marketing and advertising strategy(Paid, Owned, and Earned channels) Learning & development

Phone : +44 - 7715090924

Email : amitdeol@outlook.com

Address : London, UK.

Website : www.MarketingCloudBlog.com

My Skills

Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign
2X Certified

Adobe Campaign is a set of solutions that help you personalize and deliver campaigns across all your online and offline channels.

Cross-channel campaign orchestration: Using simple drag-and-drop icons, you can easily manage every aspect of your marketing campaigns, and then watch results in real time.

Integrated customer profile: Bring all the information you have about a customer — both online and offline — together in one place.

Contextual email marketing: Deliver uniquely relevant email experiences, coordinated with other channels — including offline.

Real-time interaction management: Use a centralized catalog to select and present personalized, relevant offers in an instant.

Adobe Experince Manager

Adobe Experince Manager

Adobe Experience Manager is the leading digital experience management solution that helps your business deliver compelling content across experiences — such as the web, mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT) — at the scale you need to build your brand and drive engagement.

Present perfect experiences on mobile and every connected device. Blow your customers away with an experience that includes the most relevant content possible on every device — from mobile apps to non-display IoT devices. Conveniently manage and publish content in real time, across all your properties.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics

It’s more than data. It’s customer intelligence.Guiding the experiences that matter.

Adobe Analytics is an industry–leading solution that empowers you to understand your customers as people — what they want, need, and believe. Discover your most valuable customer segments and use these insights to steer your entire business with customer intelligence.



2X Certified


With HubSpot's marketing, sales, and CRM software, you can grow like a company twice your size while connecting like a real human being.

Adobe Target

Adobe Target

Personalization pays off. Especially when you automate and test it.

Adobe Target is a complete optimization solution that allows data-driven marketers to rapidly experiment and create high-converting personalized experiences.

Conversion rate optimization: Engage and convert more by testing to improve every stage of the customer journey

Personalization: Deliver relevant, engaging experiences across all digital interactions using any data source.

Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager

Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager

Trigger the right services at the right time.

Let your customers’ behavior determine their web experience. Adobe Experience Cloud makes it easy to launch customized actions based on what users do on your site — in real time.

Launch a special offer, pop up a chat pod, or collect specific data at exactly the right time. Really.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you the digital analytics tools you need to analyze data from all touch points in one place, for a deeper understanding of the customer experience.

You can then share the insights that matter with your whole organization.